Friday, October 15, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! As I am in the midst of a new season of my life, I thought that I would also make a brand new blog. Life has settled back down to normal after so many exciting things and new changes have taken place over the past couple of years! I had stopped writing on my blog ( because it seemed like I had a lot on my plate...being a new bride and then being blessed with a bubbly baby girl. I am really hoping to begin writing once more on here about my daily happenings and what the LORD is teaching me. My purpose in writing this blog is to not only share my daily happenings,  but to really write out and think about what is going on in my a journal... so that I can grow in my walk with the LORD and hopefully encourage others! It seems like God constantly keeps us in His "school", and that all of life is such a learning process. A learning process that slowly conforms each of us into the image of His Son. I would love to be a lot closer to that goal! Thanks for stopping by!